Coming Together and Departures of the Ways.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14541

"No, I insist," she scolded the tired adventurers, "To bed with you. The ceremony to put to right the elven children will take a long time.....longer than it will take for you to sleep."

Jarlath, Annafrid, and Astra 9 give off a little laugh and whisper something as they go off to their separate guest bedrooms.

"Oh boy, won't Father and Mother just love to hear about this latest development," Joan chuckles, shaking her beautiful head slowly. She and the others, with the exception of Ti'mma, then make their way to their own beds.....dead tired.

Several people just look in askance at that, while others have a rather thoughtful....and slightly disturbed look.

I figured that he'd fall for somebody....probably Astra 9....but not her and another woman at the same time!, Probe thinks to himself. He then shakes his head as if to clear it. Whatever the case, whatever the real story, right now it wasn't his business. Nor did he really have time to really pursue it.

"Well, I see things are now well in hand so I now must run!" Probe says quickly after getting leave from the Emperor and Empress of the Elven Nations, "I was able to get my ride back home to Ethiopia to pick us all up a bit early for this, but I dare not keep them waiting. I wish you all good fortune and goodbye!"

With that, Probe hurries out to the waiting shuttle, worried that he would be late for that "family reunion" he had planned with his Alliance "brother" and family online in the Net later this evening.

True, he could have plugged in anywhere, but preferred to do it from the comfort of his own study in the family keep down in Ethiopia......


Let us follow.....

  1. Jenny Elf's group, who's been up all night searching through pictures of newly Awakened for possible signs of Jenny's mother.....Clearbrook?
  2. Astra 9's group, who have awoken refreshed and ready to face a new day? Sometime later this day, they had arranged to tell Duke Dredrick and Lady Champlaine about something important.....
  3. Probe, who's online and having an interesting encounter with an insane AI known as Blaine?

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