A Short Hop, Skip, and Jump....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14402

Probe helps convince the military doctors that their two elven patients are well enough to be discharged. Then Jenny, her companions, her father, her brother, her brother's Terra Prime parents, Timma's party, Eric Jones, Probe and the Emperor commandeer a large enough shuttle to take them all the short distance to their destination.

When they arrive...

....things were pretty much as the adventurers who'd gone off for the magical herb in another reality had remembered it. That wasn't surprising, considering the fact that there was a time differential between universes. It had been a matter of days for the adventurers over there, while it had been a mere handful of hours here, back on Terra Prime. The elven children who'd made this trip necessary where still where they had been put. On cots, overlooked by medical technicians and healers, near the site where a translucent Rayek still is, half there and half not there.

"At least somebody here is well rested," Jarlath half jokes, feeling.....tired.

The others look over at Jarlath's group, and with the exception of Ti'mma, they all look a bit dragged out. Andrea's foxtail is especially listless, emphasizing the point. They'd been riding hard for days. That fact that they'd not only waged a deadly battle was written on their haggard faces.

"My my, they do look tired," Charmina says softly, looking over at them.

And here she'd been somewhat still self conscious that she'd not been able to readily change into more....appropriate travel apparel (re: 12709). But there hadn't been any real time from the start of this strange adventure to now for and small change compared to what these others appeared to have gone through. Hell, it was small change compared to what she and her new friends had gone through!

As a matter of fact, upon seeing the tired faces of the adventurers who'd only left a few hours ago, Li'reth, love of Ke'lan and Empress of the Elven Nation, only shook her head.

  1. "No, I insist," she scolded the tired adventurers, "To bed with you. The ceremony to put to right the elven children will take a long time.....longer than it will take for you to sleep."

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