Queen's Right

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14123

But , by the time the Champions have finished introducing themselves and telling about themselves, even the pet of Jake's called Oy (small mammal called a billy-bumbler that Jake which can repeat words) just stare at them.

"I'll have whatever she's having," Eddie Dean half jokes, laugh dying on his lips as his eyes fall again on the blue haired fairy woman and the elven couple.

"THAT IS THE STUPIDEST STORY I'VE EVER HEARD," Blaine finally says, childish annoyance present in his voice, "I DETEST STUPID STORIES!"

Just like you're storybook counterpart, Charlie the Choo-Choo, eh? Astra chuckles to herself, remembering the King novel, Wizard and Glass, so long ago, Let's cut to the chase.

Roland has a look of a bit of annoyance....and bemusement.

Yes, he is a Lord of Ancient (and departed) lands, but.....somehow despite the incredible claimes by these strangers.....he gets the distinct feeling that the flame haired woman (who's stands at a small 5' 6").....actually does outrank him in social standing!

That the case, far be it from him to interrupt one of such high blood at this point in time!

"I detect a small trace of doubt?" Astra asks softly, ice suddenly in her voice, "I guess then you are even more limited and antiqueted than I previously had heard....you damn excuse of an adding machine!"

"ADDING MACHINE?" Blaine gasps, shocked.

"Too bad that your creators never got around to upgrading the system...and took the cheap route for systems management instead," Astra sighs a sigh full of mockery.


"Can't even compute quickly....else why haven't you CHECKED the NET you hacked to get information about the New Yorkers and their world?!" Astra interrupts.

Blaine is silent for a few seconds as several clicks come over the PA system of the train....

Blaine indeed draws up in shock....and then anger at not having thought to do that himself!

  1. Thus he makes a mistake that Astra knew he'd make.......a very.....VERY stupid mistake. He tried to access her files!

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