Putting Rayek on notice.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14542

Jenny Elf's group, who's been up all night searching through pictures of newly Awakened for possible signs of Jenny's mother.....Clearbrook?

"Well, the picture that strikes the strongest....'accord' is the word, right?.....accord with me is the one picture of the girl with the golden tresses," Jenny sighs, pointing at the same picture. "But there were something like seven to eight other possibilities as well."

"Well, that one seems to call to me as well the strongest," echoes her brother, shaking his head.

"That makes it three," her father put in, looking over at Ti'mma, "But that being the case, High One, why did we spend the night looking through pictures when we'd already found the strongest probable one in the first few minutes?"

"We needn't hare off on what could have been a false lead, now?" Ti'mma says in a slightly scolding voice, "While I understand perfectly why you are so eager to run off and see if she is the one, it would be a good idea to see if there are other possibilities....other leads if the first one we tried failed ‘to pan out' as they say."

"Second, while you were looking through the picture I and the other parents were getting to know each other better," Eric Jones put in, "Something I'm sure that little Ti'mma had intended that, though she didn't say so. To get us more at ease at the new....family."

Ti'mma smiles a small smile, but says nothing.

"Finally, we needed to contact the parents.....the Terran Prime parents of those ‘potentials' and smooth the way for our visits" Ti'mma's father, Feir-dalen (formerly named Fred), says as he enters the room. "They still are a bit.....jittery.....from what happened to their beloved children. This new twist in the situation needs to be handled softly."

Ti'mma was about to reveal the final reason why she had had them to look through the book for the others when her mother, Kethiani (formerly named Astra), comes in with an announcement.

"The court mages have finally been able to finish up with their business," she says softly, interrupting, "The children are being taken care of by their parents by helping them sort themselves in the same manner like your father and brother, Jenny. That gives us a time to speak to the elf of the hour, Rayek."

Rayek groaned, feeling like something vile had crawled up into his mouth....and died. He opened his aching eyes, and is greeted by the impassive face of a human being who's got something strange on his face! Though he's never seen a human being before, and in fact only thought them a myth, his pounding, frightened heart tells him this is a human being!

He tries to jump up and run, but he's too weak still to do more than squirm and give off a weak shout of surprise. He even tries to use his powers of magic to freeze the human being with his magical gaze, but whatever the human being is wearing blocks his gaze.

"Ah yes, the elf of the our awakes!" Eric Jones quips, stepping back with an air of disgust, "And as expected, the boy tried to whammy me with his gaze attack."

He'd been talking with his boy before coming in to "greet" Rayek, and was rather happy at making the arrogant elf uncomfortable.

Rayek still was very unpopular with many, and Eric had a rather.....er.....odd sense of humor (something some would call a "mean streak"). But mean or not, Eric felt Rayek deserved a little jolt for all the problems he'd caused.

"Rayek, look at me." a small girl's voice says to his side.<P.

The talk between the shocked Rayek (who somehow recognizes Ti'mma for a High One despite the new form she wears) and Ti'mma is short, quiet, and private. However, whatever exactly was said shakes Rayek to his core. This version of Rayek had not even met the Wolfriders yet, and as such had not even begun down the path that eventually lead to the event that would merge two object in one space at the same time (and destroy a universe). But though she'd been as kind at breaking the news of what had happened with his older self, she'd been very.....VERY firm that she would NOT allow Rayek to run amok again, and Rayek wouldn't like the means that she'd use if that became necessary. No words like that were used, but Rayek gets the distinct impression that Ti'mma (formerly named Timmain) was very serious about this.

That done, Rayek had a lost....forlorn look on his face is heartbreaking to the High One, but she knows that it was necessary. There just was no way to make this less hard for Rayek, and Ti'mma was very serious about her warning. Better to tell it all now, and let the poor SOB adjust as well as he could than have it fall and shatter him later on.

Nobody was really happy with this whole deal, but they did what they could. Even the one person who'd probably had been happy with seeing that broken look on Rayek's face can feel happy about it now. All that the small elfin boy named Curthis'el (formerly named Cutter) can feel is.....pity for Rayek.

What we now look to, reader, is the question of where the story of Jenny Elf and friends goes now.

  1. So, we now turn to their tale.....

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