In Nimi'aia's Room....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14544

So, we now turn to their tale.....

Jenny turned and looked up at her new human friends, a warm lump in her throat. Without them, especially the one known as Astra (with her relationship with Queen Astra la Post), her quest for her friends would have all the more difficult if she'd gone alone.

"Well, don't dawdle Jenny," Charmina smiles, pausing to look into the room where the long golden tressed elfin girl named Nimi'aia, "She and the rest of your family are ready now."

It is her right since she went to so much trouble to come here, the former bar wench turned aristocrat added to herself.

If nothing else, seeing a familiar "style" of elf from the olden world should put the patient well enough at ease that she would be able to at least tell her who she was, even if she really wasn't Jenny's mother. All elves from Jenny's homeworld spoke the same language (albeit with slightly different accents due to long isolation from each other).

In the room beyond the hallway where the others were gathered outside, it is Solik'tril Jones (named One-Eye back before Rayek unleashed the events that had brought them all to Terra Prime) who speaks first.

  1. "Clearbrook?" Solik'tril says softly, in the elfin tongue of his old world, "Is that there?"

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