Fred attacks the pirates

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10930

Fred attacks the pirates. Fortunately they thought he was just playing around and give him a friendly beating.
He wakes up in the ship's infirmary. It is very clean and well-stocked, as the Dread Pirate Lots wished to have very healthy pirates. You couldn't raid a ship as well if the pirates were pooping and had the flu.
The doctor came over to check up on Fred. Fred gasped for the doctor was ...

  1. King Emrry's evil brother, Cederik!
  2. Fred's father!
  3. a monkey.
  4. a robot.
  5. a monkey-robot.
  6. a two-headed Asian.
  7. a morph! Fred was suprised the pirates were so accepting of morphs. Not many humans were.
  8. Belboz!
  9. Velus!
  10. Astra!

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4/20/2003 7:31:22 PM

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