Fred the Pirate

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10921

"What a brilliant plan!" Lord Fred says to himself. "I'm always doing that, being brilliant." With a boosted ego, Fred decides to track down the hooded pirate he saw enter the woods.

He follows the hooded pirate deep into the jungle, staying just out of eye sight from him. Another idea comes to Fred's mind.

"Uhhh....arrrrrr, shiver me....uh...timbers! ...matey! ahoy!" Fred yells, trying to sound as much like a pirate as he can. "I found the landlubber Fred! Uh, arrrr!"

The hooded pirate runs towards where he heard Fred's voice. "Yer got him, eh? Er, who arrrr you!?" He backs up and prepares to draw his sword but cannot, for Fred's sword has been thrust through his stomach. Ouch.

Quickly, Fred hides the pirate's body in some bushes and puts on his clothing. He pulls the hood over his face, and hopes that his plan will work.

Meanwhile, back on the Aoldotcom, the dread pirate Lots paces the deck of his ship. "I want results, people!" He yells as he paces, his face turning red. "It's not that big of an island, am I going to have to go and look myself? Just because Im a pirate, an author, and a wizard doesn't make me your all powerful mommy that will do everything for you!! Either bring me Fred, or I will throw a fit!!!" Every pirate on the ship shrinks back at the horror of those words. A fit thrown by Lots is not something anyone should ever have to see.

As Lord Fred exits the forest and walks along the beach towards the ship, he is confronted by two fierce looking pirates.

"Ey, sharkey!" The bald one with the missing nose says. "Did you find anything?"

"Uh...who, me?" Fred looks around him.

"Ya YOU! Don't be playin no games with me! Did you find anything?"

"Find anything? No I didn't find any Lords, Im not a Lord, Im a pirate! Uh...ehehehehe..."

"Are you alright, Sharkey?"

"Uh, arrrrr. No Lords around here, only us swashbuckling pirates!" Fred gulps.

The pirate on the left with the missing arm frowns. "Swashbuckling? Somethin's fishey here! Take off your hood, sharkey!"

  1. Fred takes off his hood.
  2. Fred attacks the pirates.
  3. Fred flees back into the forest.

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