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Legion of Net.Heroes thread

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A summary of the thread that leads up to the LNH crossover episode for anyone coming in from rec.arts.comics.creative:

There is a void of infinite potential, which forms into... me (the first person protagonist of this part of the story, who is male). I find myself in a mysterious building and take the passage straight ahead, which leads me to a law office belonging to Bimbo and Bobo. Bimbo Biggens being a hobbit, and Bobo being a purple toaster-headed gorilla. (A running gag going back to Addventure Game 3). They've called on me along with other extendable addventure characters for a class action lawsuit against a character who keeps stealing the spotlight: you! People keep writing episodes in the second person even when that breaks continuity, and they're going to put a stop to that once and for all.

But you're not having any of this. You sneak into the story and displace me as the protagonist, and decide to get revenge on all these characters once and for all! Using your Secret Pen of Extend-a-Story Writing, you write yourself a fancy dinner in an Italian restaurant, where you try to break up Fred and Astra's marriage. Because you're a jerk. You reveal to Astra that Fred had been dating Exotica before her, then arrange for her to appear from nowhere out of the closet. But then I take control of the plot to sabotage your plan, revealing that Exotica had been a lesbian all along. You try to stir up drama by revealing that Exotica is in love with Astra. This leads Astra to wonder if Knight Random (Adrian McClure for you LNH people), who's singlehandedly upped the gay relationship quotient of at least two writing communities, is writing this. You won't let this weirdo take credit for your work and reveal your hand behind the events--after which the three heroes attack you simultaneously. You barely manage to escape with your life, and I quietly duck out of the story.

Fred, Astra, and Exotica discuss the possibility of a polyamorous relationship. They wind up having an in-character meta discussion of the kind readers of KR's LNH work will be very familiar with, about the characters' sexualities and roles in the story (7823) that leaves them feeling confused about where to go next. Astra suggests in the meantime they take up a quest, and Exotica figures it'll lead them to some epiphany that'll help them figure out their lives. She finds one for them on Craigslist. (She's taken much more naturally to both 20th century technology and fourth wall breaking than the rest.)

They take a mission from the mapping bureau of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Multiverse corporation to find the long lost multiversal explorer Kael Varyani (who's delivered exposition in a couple of KR's episodes like 7780). They find themselves outside the Legion of Net.Heroes headquarters...

The most recent episode of this thread is 7851.
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Re: Legion of Net.Heroes thread

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KnightRandom wrote:A summary of the thread that leads up to the LNH crossover episode for anyone coming in from rec.arts.comics.creative:
To turn this around, is there anything that those of us not from rec.arts.comics.creative needs to know about the Legion of Net.Heroes?

Added subsequently: Forget that! Having now read 7851 I see you're way ahead of me. :) It reminds me rather of the "Venture Brothers" TV series universe, though it looks as if the LNH began a lot earlier. Maybe Doc Hammer or Chris McCulloch, the show's creators, read rec.arts.comics.creative, which would be cool. (I'm a die-hard Usenet user myself, though that group isn't one I've ever subscribed to.)

And having now looked at the LNH wiki, how can this have been around since 1992 without my having heard of it until now?!
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