Sulfur Room

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 99729

Belboz gasps in horror as he sees Fred step forward, open the door, and step into the sulfur room without the gas mask. Stupid fool, mutters Belboz as he watches the door slam shut behind Fred. No one has ever come out of there alive.

Inside the sulfur room, Fred can feel the sulfur severely irritate his eyes, nose and throat. It hurts like hell, and he knows that he cannot stay in the room for more than a few moments before he succumbs to hypoxemia and possibly pulmonary edema.

Fred stares through the haze of yellow gas and starts searching for the Scepter of Saint Valentine. He momentarily gasps in horror as he looks on the floor and sees the skeletal remains of other knights who have attempted this quest. Behind Fred is the exit door back to Belboz. On the left wall is a locked cabinet. It has a glass face, and through the glass Fred can see a golden scepter. On the right wall a wooden scepter is hanging loosely from brackets attached to some posts. Directly on the wall in front of Fred are two more scepters. One is a ruby scepter with a heart shaped top, and the other is an emerald scepter with a rose-colored diamond on top. Both are chained to the wall.

Fred has time to select only one of the scepters before the gas kills him. Which does he choose?

  1. Fred Breaks the glass in the cabinet and takes the Golden Scepter back to Belboz
  2. Fred quickly grabs the Wooden Scepter off the post and takes it back to Belboz
  3. Fred takes his sword and breaks the lock on the Ruby Scepter and takes it back to Belboz
  4. Fred takes his sword and breaks the lock on the Emerald Scepter and takes it back to Belboz
  5. Fred wimps out from the pain and runs out of the room without taking any of the scepters
  6. Fred takes too long to think about which one to take and dies from fluid in the lungs and pulmonary edema

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