Fear of Sulfur

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2710

Fred looks over the gas mask with extreme care and finds that it has been ripped, torn, and rendered completely useless.

This is no good, muses Fred as he tosses the gas mask aside. Fred "chickens out" over using the so-called "gas mask" and sits down to think some more.

Fred ponders back to his days as a high school student and trys to remember his chemistry lessons and the things he learned about sulfur. Sure, it stinks really bad, says Fred, but is it really poisonous? Fred wishes now that he had actually studied in class instead of goofing off all the time.

At this point Belboz shouts out at Fred: Hey! I haven't got all day here. Other knights are waiting in line for my magical services. Either go get the Sceptre of Saint Valentine or get the hell out of here!

Fred makes his decision. He bravely stands up and moves forward.

  1. Fred goes in the room
  2. Fred tells Belboz to go get his own damn Scepter of Saint Valentine
  3. Fred wets his pants and runs away down a random corridor

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