The Never Ending Quest - Episode 99538

Utterly horrified by the sight before him, Fred decides to save all future travelers from a gruesome death and put the Ghoul out of its misery.

Take that, hideous beast of the damned, yells Fred has he thrusts his sword deep into the chest of the Ghoul. Green slime oozes from the wound, but the Ghoul, with rotting flesh in its teeth, simply grins at Fred. The Ghoul grabs the sword by the blade, pulls it out, and then with an ease that momentarily stuns Fred, slings it away to the opposite side of the room.

After being effectively disarmed, Fred remembers that the only way to kill a Ghoul is to chop off its head. The Ghoul licks its foul lips and reaches for Fred.

  1. Fred tries to retrieve his sword
  2. Fred runs for the door behind him
  3. Fred grabs the ladder and tries to climb out
  4. Fred puts up his fists and attempts to brawl with the Ghoul

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