Into the Depths

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 99532

Despite the overwhelming stench, Fred bravely climbs down through the entry and into the blackness below. Deeper and deeper he climbs, with only a faint light coming from the trap door opening above.

Finally, Fred reaches the bottom. He is briefly overwhelmed by the stench of rotting flesh and takes a moment to blow chunks.


Having taken care of that necessary business, Fred allows his eyes adjust to the gloom and takes a look around. What he sees horrifies him. Just a few short feet away is a Ghoul. There is a doorway immediately behind Fred and the rickety ladder going up. The Ghoul is actively feasting on the rotting corpse of a traveler. On the ground all around are the bones of other travelers, and all are picked clean of flesh. As Fred looks around, the Ghoul takes notice of him. He does not yet drop the corpse on which he is feasting, but he does eye Fred hungrily.

Obviously that foul Monk wasn't as innocent as he seemed and was dabbling in the Dark Arts, mutters Fred to no one but himself.

  1. Fred advances on the Ghoul
  2. Fred opens the door behind him to see what is there
  3. Fred gets scared and attempts to climb back out via the rickety ladder

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