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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 99540

Upon sight of the Ghoul, Fred wets his pants like the coward that he is. Instantly he reaches for the ladder and, as fast as he can, begins to climb out. Unfortunately for Fred, just before he reaches the top he sees a pair of Monkish faces peering down at him.

You must be the one who murdered Brother Joachim and stole the iron skeleton key, they yell accusingly. This we will not tolerate. Justice must and will be served. Rest thee in Hell, thou murderous thief! And with that they slam the lid shut on the trap door and click the lock shut.

Fred is now trapped in utter darkness with a salivating Ghoul clawing at the ladder below. He presses on the underside of the trap door, but to no avail. It is firmly locked and will not budge.


With a hungry Ghoul below and a locked door above, Fred realizes that his choices are few and his chances are fewer.

  1. Fred hangs on to the ladder until he collapses from exhustion.
  2. Fred goes back down the ladder to fight the Ghoul
  3. Fred goes back down the ladder and tries to open the door he saw

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