The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9888

"We're on Earth....but my Earth....though I'm getting a strange double echo if there was......?" the Doctor mutters to himself. "Near where my old friend Professor Chronotis is, also.....hmmm?"

Finally, the Time Lord flicks on the viewer and the others can see that the TARDIS appears to be parked on a bridge. Specifically, over the River Cam near St. Cedd. The scene outside means very little to all but Betty, Ragan, and Inquirer.

Betty and Ragan had seen a similar scene taken from "The Five Doctors" and from their worlds incomplete versions of "Shada." Inquirer had not seen "The Five Doctors" yet, but she had seen Shada in it's entirety (her version of the show had been because the labor disputes on her world never arose). All of them recognize the young man named Chris (carrying some books) and another man dressed a bit out of sorts with what would be considered normal in this day and time. The man has scars on his face. There is one on the forehead and the other, main, scar from his right eye to his cheek. Tha man is named Skagra, and he's VERY dangerous.

Both pause in surprise at seeing a Police Box parked incongruently on the bridge.

"Oh no," both Betty and Ragan say softly, realizing the meaning of this.

"SHIT!" shouts Inquirer, also realizing the danger. She can even see the dangerous book that Chris had taken by accident! If Skagra should spot it while Chris is gawking....

Well, the way things are working out here had already been knocked afoul, anyway. Somehow things were playing out as on the TV show, but......

Inquirer, having already figured out to open the TARDIS's doors (much to the surprise of the Doctor by the way he shouts in surprise as the AI dives for the controls and opens the door AND dives out of the TARDIS), then rushes out and knocks the books from Chris's hold....and then sends Chris sprawling as he protests the rough treatment! Swiftly, Inquirer scoops up the book she'd spotted, looks and sees the alien writing within, and then nods.....only to turn and see Skagra looking at her and the book in surprise.

Before the dangerous man can act upon his lucky discovery, the AI moves quicker than what a human being should be able to....and grabs and THROWS Skagra thirty feet through the air!

The man screams as he hits the water, and then sputters angrily as he swims back to the surface......

Meanwhile, below on the river, near the bridge where this mugging takes place....

We see a Doctor in his fourth regeneration and a Romana in her second regeneration in a punt.. St. Cedd, the college, is in the background.

The next part is taken from the script from "Shada" by Douglas Adams .

The DOCTOR in his shirtsleeves and waistcoat is punting while ROMANA is relaxing. A record is playing.)

DOCTOR: Wordworth. Brumford. Christopher Smart. Andrew Marvel. Judge Jefferies. Owen Chadwick?

ROMANA: (looking up from the book.) Who?

DOCTOR: Owen Chadwick. Oh yes, one of the greatest labourers in history of Earth in the first era.

ROMANA: Newton, of course.

DOCTOR: Oh, definitely Newton.

ROMANA: "For every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction."

DOCTOR: That's right.

ROMANA: So, Newton invented punting.

DOCTOR: Oh yes, there was no limits to Isaac's genius.

(He chuckles)

(The punt cruises under a bridge.)

ROMANA: Isn't it wonderful that something so primitive can be so........

DOCTOR: Restful?

ROMANA: No. Simple. You just push one way and the boat moves in the other.

DOCTOR: Oh yes.

(We pull back and we see the back of St. Cedd in the background.)

ROMANA: Oh, I do love the spring. All the leaves and colours.

DOCTOR: It's October.

ROMANA: (surprised.) I thought that you said we were coming here for May week.

DOCTOR: I did. May week in June.

ROMANA: (shaking her head.) I'm confused.

DOCTOR: (laughing) So was the TARDIS.

He stops when he and Romana here the scuffle above them, and the Doctor blinks in surprise as a man (who happens to be Skagra....though this Doctor has know idea of who this is) goes flying and lands into the water a good span of space away!

Romana and the Doctor look worried and confused when they here a SLAM and a woman shouting for the Doctor (?) to take off in the TARDIS (!) before Skagra gets back!

That's when Borusa, President of the Supreme Council of Galifry, uses his Time Scoop to illegally abduct the fourth Doctor and Romana to the Death Zone. This time it works, unlike how it happened in the TV episode. However, the Scoop also grabs Dr. Who's TARDIS....and that's bad.

Borusa screams as the Scoop malfunctions and swallows him. He dies in the airless vacuum of space about a light year from his world.

The fourth Doctor and those in Dr. Who's TARDIS get up dizzily and find that they are in a strange chamber. The Time Scoop completes it operations and picks up the last target, the Fifth Doctor with his crew....and shuts down. The miniatures of the targets appear on a playing board....

Except the Fourth Doctor's group and Dr. Who's group are in the room in Galifry's capital city were the evil Borusa had been using his Time Scoop.....

  1. We change scenes to an oddly same but different scene within the Death Zone.....

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