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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9857

Agent 4 suppresses a chuckle....

Those who had been mortal felt time slipping from them, acknowledging them as an equal and excepting them from its jurisdiction. In their minds they see a shadowy, black cloaked figure, Death, shrug and reach over and erase their names from a dark and ominous appointment book.

No going back......

It's a liberating feeling, this sudden freedom. However it is tempered by a fact that has already occurred to them right before this had happened. Immortal they may be now, for all practical purposes, they aren't above feeling pain......and deadly incidents will never be easily ignored. That healthy fear is a part in them all before and remains so now, keeping them from making TOO rash of things.....

"But....." Astra begins to protest, thinking that something is amiss....that this Agent is going back on his word.....

They vanish into a realm between realms....a place that another Astra and Fred saw each others soul....and then found their hearts forevermore link together in love....and trust.....

Due to the nature that seems to be the wont of Fred and Astra....so does it happen to THIS Fred and Astra!

The time: a few ticks between the clock between the time of teleportation. The place: the realm between realms. A certain entity finds himself interested in a couple of people that had been displaced....and saw that he could help them in a way while they could help himand his kind. Agent 4 is on a much needed vacation....what the heck! So, certain Astra, Fred analogs are having what is something of a dream, and something not of a dream..... Astra's mind drifted in a white mist, awash with sensations that she had never experienced before. It wasn't erotic, but it was pleasurable. It was peaceful, and things were clearer here to her than she'd ever had experienced before within her short but eventful life! Then she found this realm not so pleasurable. As she looked over the past few weeks of the chaos surrounding her live, only to climax with a sudden twist of fate. She knows, now, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she CAN'T kill Fred.....for she's fallen for the man! That has serious consequences......

I can't go home..... she said to herself with a moan and sob.

She had been tasked by her mother, the Amazon Queen of Aquilaria, to go forth and slay the Third Shogoth. Either she did it, or she would forevermore be exiled from her homelands....without honor or privilege. It had been a bitter pill to swallow, but Astra had bowed to destiny that the prophetess had decried while in a trance....and had gone out and waited in the lair of the Dragon of the Northern Cavern (their nation's ally).

Something about the last teleport into the lair when the Shogoth appeared had caused Astra to wonder if something had gone wrong, but no matter. Her destiny was about to be fulfilled....

Only, she laid her eyes on the target....and her heart foolishly fell in love with the thing!

Gods know what would have happened then if an apparent struggle within the handsome looking man hadn't happened!

She's probably be dead.

The Shogoth was gone, but Astra had been tasked to kill the human vessel that contained it....never having figured that the demon wouldh ave been forced out in the first place and leaving the human behind. Indeed, Astra had only thought that the person she'd meet would have been the hollowed out shell of a human being....the original human spirit within consumed long ago.

The fact that something human had lasted within Fred told Astra that this guy was something.....incredibly noble.

But despite it all, she was now stuck....never to return home.

The human person is amazing in his or her capacity in being able to delude themselves and not acknowledging realities, but that ability has null and void in this realm.

It was the realm that Seers touched that let Visions be. It was a realm were Truths and Visions were clearer and brighter. Only when the Seer return to the realm of man, did his or her human condition cloud and confuse what had been seen. Some Visions were too much for some minds to cloud (and thus protect) themselves, and there was a good chance of insanity (like what had happened to a certain dwarf......). Training in this Arte provided a shield of sorts, but also created blind spots.....like not being able to See one's own death approaching (as a certain Oracle found out when murdered by a rogue AI).

All this information Astra wasn't aware of, for all she could feel was a deepening sense of despair and fear.

"What am I going to do?" she nearly whined, feeling alone and pitiful.

That's when Fred's presence made itself known. Astra gasped in shock and joy as emotions filled her heart......

Astra looked up as her heart felt the presence reach out and embrace her. The presence had a familiar feel to it.

"Fred," Astra whispered, in awe at what she saw.

Fred's spirit appeared to Astra as a perfect version of his mortal form, and Astra as in awe at.....how beautiful he appeared (for lack of a better word).

Astra's form appeared to others as the perfect version of her mortal form, with her long red hair flying about and glowing like it WAS made of flame.

Fred's spirit was laid bare to her, as was any who saw others in this realm where truth could not be hidden. Fred's soul was a noble thing, ready to again and again do the RIGHT and honorable thing, no matter how hard it was. Fred wasn't perfect, and sometimes his sense of honor and fair play clouded his view on things. Sometimes, he did things or said things that shouldn't be said. Sometimes, he was forthright and honest when the situation called for a bit of tact and cunning. Thus was the key to why Astra was still breathing!

What was undeniably apparent was.....that Fred was in love with her. Without conscious thought, Astra reached out and "hugged" the presence as she felt her heart melt.

"No matter what," Fred whispered fiercely. "No matter what, I'll do right by you .....lovely Astra.....I'll make it work....." He also had been overwhelmed with the properties of this realm, but instead of being faced with.....distasteful truths like Astra (though he also could not return home....since to kill the dregon would onpen the way to disaster for the world if the One Shogoth over got that dragon blood from him), Fred had been awed by the fact.....that he'd fallen in love with Astra somewhere along this journey together. Then, he had come to Astra when they'd felt the waves of sadness emanating from her.

Astra "shivered" as she "hugged" Fred closer to herself. Thus two hearts were joined forevermore.

Then, somebody else spoke.....

"Now that you trust each other I must tell you the last part of your quest," Agent 4 says softly, "Go to the Tower of RASSILON, on Gallifrey, in the Death Zone and deliver this letter to his crypt. It shall revive him and convince him his services are direly needed....yet again. Being that Borusa just got teleported out into space when the Time Scoop just malfunctioned and all......"

That's what happens when you scoop up several Eternal Champions (Dr. Who, Inquirer, Sigin 2, Betty, Ragan, B'elanna, Elrondir, and Gilmuriel) as well as the Doctor in his fourth regeneration with Romana in her second regeneration!

This time the fourth Doctor got dragged to the Death Zone....but at the expense of Borusa's life! Scene 28: INT: GALLIFREY, THE DEATH ZONE,
A CORRIDOR (From the tele-play: "The Five Doctors", copyrighted to the BBC)

The first Doctor is wandering along the passageway.
There is the sound of thunder. He spots a shadow.

DOCTOR 1: Susan...surely it's Susan...

SUSAN : Grandfather? Oh, Grandfather! Thank goodness I've found you. How did you get here? What's happening?

DOCTOR 1: I wish I knew, my dear.

Astra: I think we are on Gallifrey in the Death Zone....and we must get to Rassilon's tomb.

  1. Both Doctor and Susan jump in surprise, not having seen Astra and Fred appear out of thin air.....
  2. Both the Doctor and Susan jump in surprise, not having seen Astra appear out of thin air... [Take 2]

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