Explain II

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9856

...is that we neutralized Flag, a would be set of three goddesses, and a man who'd.....been called Thaobath before becoming a monster called the Brazen Man." Rule 1 growled, remembering. "Still, the Thinies threaten the Grand Design and it threatens mortals. It threatens us. There is a bit of altruists in our desire to repair the Dark Tower. There is also a real sense of self preservation in there (thinies aren't exactly healthy for Agents or Rules in a way that's a bit metaphysical and will remain unnamed...for there is AGAIN no real words in this language you have for it). Let us just say that the Dark Tower.....serves as something like a....well.....Home Office."

The Agent and Rules look directly at the Doctor, who looks....a bit green around the gill by what has been said.

"Doctor....we tell you of this for we do not wish to appear domineering," Rule 1 says softly. "Yes, we are powerful.....but we are also very much humble servants to those all powerful gods or god that I and Agent 1 won't reveal by name. We do not wish to appear as gods, for we are NOT. We wish to fulfill our duties....as we see them. There is a lot not being said here, for it would be.....betraying trusts. But let it be known that as things are now, we Rules and Agents share a stake in what also effects you and your friends. We know that what you'll be doing appears to be..... extremely coercive, but believe me....it's the best we could do."


Then the Doctor nods slowly, and the Rule and Agent sigh and nod also.

"And I think we have a few more questions," Rule 1 sighs. "Fine, but I'll answer them right now before they are asked....the other Doctors are really wondering just WHY they aren't getting anywhere. As for the question of will the Doctor and Companions be able to visit Betty 2's world after all this is over, the answer is no. The sad fact of the matter is once the Doctor completes his task....he'll become an Eternal Champion...who's assigned area is the universes of Terra Prime, his original universe, and the universes of the original Doctors. FYI, you will need to get the other Doctors and anyone who got dragged into this universe by what the Master did off this TARDIS before you attempt departing the universe. You'll just strain the ship for nothing. Ditto for attempts for them to leave via other means....just too anchored to this universe....afraid. Yes, Betty 2....I don't see why not you can't get your cats and Blake 7 videos, but don't miss the bus when the TARDIS leaves....since you're just dying to be his Companion. Yes, the other redhaired Betties are stuck as they are. Well, the other Doctors may complain about being stuck here in Terra Prime, but they jolly well better remember that they're alive anywhere! No, I nor my counterpart have any objects at who stays or goes as Companions, Melissa who is now an elf. Yes! Wendy Fletcher went out and dated Richard Pini...and eventually married him. Oh, and they formed Warp graphics and produced Elfquest. Yes, Kuriel IS from that universe that mimiced Elfquest. Eh, what happened? Well, sorry. That's something you'll have to ask him in a bit over eight years. He and his friends need to get born again and all. Yes, on Terra Prime....best place we could put Kuriel and the other Elfquest elves on short notice." "Don't, by the way, ever try merging the TARDIS with it's earlier of later self so that they occupy the same space at the same time," Agent 1 murmurs to the Doctor. "That's another thing we needed to tell you personally. Had a serious problem with that a bit ago."

The Doctor, knowing what such a temporal and physical paradox could do to a universe as a whole.....just turns white at the very thought.

"It's too horrible to contemplate," he whispers to himself, shivering.

"Finally, as for the Doctor....a bit of good news about the meddling Author C (for Chump) Scott Chen," Rule 1 finishes up. "Instead of turning the Romana against you, Scott's meddling backfired on him and the young Time Lady (a title they really should make official) got to really like what she learned of you.....got bit by the same bug that bit you....and now is actually wandering the universe.....your universe....meddling in affairs to make things better. That's why you have two of those small tokenized TARDISes instead of three."

"Good luck and my you do well," the Agent says with a final bow (oddly courtly in his biker garb). Rule and Agent vanish......

Agent 4 ends the show, and the others blink and are suddenly floored by what is actually being offered here. They each are being offered to become a champion. The entirety of the multiverse has been endangered by what this RF guys done. That, and eventually, they'll run across one of two version of this guy, the Doctor. One is from a univerese where some kind of magical curse has made is necessary for something called a Matrix or something to be used to "weave" new Time Lords to perpetuate the race..... in that universe he's called "The Other". In another universe, the Doctor never had become "The Other" due to the fact that there was....no biological need for that "loom thing" (since in that universe Susan was actually the Doctor's biological grand daughter).

The dragons accept immediately, knowing their duty.

Before Fred can raise a protest at the "danger" there is in trusint dragons, the wyrms vanish in a flash of light.....heading for a Terra where giants are terrorizing the countryside after a revision of the timeline (re: 3722, 4674, 4753, 9452, 9546). Those episodes happen after Minestus and his Dragon Circle o in and slaughter that worlds version of the Dragon of the Southern Caverns for being the evil SOB he is!

Finally able to get a word an inchwise in, Astra finally blurts out a protest. Her heart was in a storm with conflicting emotions....emotions that caused her to hold her hand instead of being smart and striking down the Shogoth when she first saw it! She never expected.....the thing to be so....handsome.

"Wait, how can I trust this man?" she says, pointing at Fred....who looks hurt, "I need to know that I an trust him implicitly and all before...."

"Actually," Rule 4 interrupts, "Due to the nature of your transporting to wher your going next.....you'll be able to trust each other without doubt....."

"If that's true....that I can overcome any doubts this beautiful woman has of me....then that in itself is worth me becoming your champion!" Fred says loudly, "Please, I accept......"

"If that is the case......then I accept also," Astra blurts out, heart making her react without thinking....wording a growing secret desire that she's not ready to acknowledge yet.

They both suddenly gasp as.....

  1. They feel something......

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