"One, Two, Three, but We're Having Trouble with Getting to the Rest" Or......

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9859

"The outfit looks more like what Anthony Ainley would wear but," Betty mutters to herself as Sigin begins.....

Indeed, Sigin's impromptu impersonation is indeed more Ainley than Roger Delgado.

However, whoever this Ainley chap is, still the Doctor must admit though the impersonation seems a touch.....off sometimes.....the dragon does a credible Master.

Not surprising, considering the fact that Sigin had to be good at acting to play parts that would be...... ticklish if compromised. If the humans back on his world had discovered he was really a dragon only pretending to be a human, then the time and effort the dragon mage had invested in his Captian/Mage persona would have gone down the toilet....ruining a perfect position to gatehr information on his Dragon Circle's enemies. If any other dragons (except for perhaps some of his Dragon Circle comrades) ever discovered that he was NOT a follower of Tiamat....but instead was a follower of Christ...... well, let us just say his death would be slow and painful.

The humans and dragons back on his home world had bought Sigin's acting, and so do the mesmerized lackeys of the Master!

Later, after Sigin had gotten all the zombified humans to disarm themselves and take a small nap in the Visitor's Center (from whch they'd awaken....remembering nothing of how they got there). Sue Conner is put to sleep also, with a magical suggestion that it had all been a bad dream.

Inquirer finishes replacing the spent bullets (created magically) and puts the sleeping guard's gun back in it's holster.

Inquirer then winces at the lingering pain from the shock where the bullet had inpacted on her hyper-titanium/adamantium/mitheral/goodness-knows-what-kind-of-metal skull.

"The other Betty failed to mention the fact that there was a security guard here," Ragan says, noticing the wince, "You alright there, Inquirer?"

"I'll live...and the pain will fade," the female AI smiles and as the repair processes kicks in, "The bullet did no real lasting damage.....of course, but still. Getting shot in one's head isn't comfortable even for an AI....though we can recover more quickly than your average human."

"Better you than me, then," Ragan mugs the female golem as the Doctor comes into the room.

"We are finished here," the Doctor says as he comes up, "Unless you can think of anything else I believe we should be departing."

"Just this," Elrondir say, holding up a VHS video cassette, "Apparently there had been a rash of some type of robberies or something at this VLA, for we not only encounter an armed security guard, but get video taped as well."

The Doctor blinks, surprised.

"Welcome to America," Betty muttered.

"Glad you were able to find it, Elrondir," the Doctor finally says, "It wouldn't do to after having gone to the trouble to conceal Betty's and Ragan's involvement in this, to prevent the public from hounding her, that a slip like that could get by."

The Doctor and Companions board the TARDIS and the Doctor closes the door.

"You know, I and the others have been talking,....and we were hoping that sometimes in the near future you'd tell us how to operate the TARDIS," Betty begins, causing the Doctor to glance at her in surprise.

"It isn't like a human level intelligence couldn't do it," Ragan put in, "After all, Leela was able to pilot the TARDIS....and she was....is human."

"And there is the fact that if you get incapacitated for what ever reason.....well, it would be nice for us to be able to depart the area if there is danger," B'ellana added, "And I'm just dying to see the insides of this machine! Things like 'neutron flow' had only begun to be seriously explored back in the Federation....according to the memories I had been provided and to my....somewhat.....sisters on the Voyager."

Ragan and Betty look down at the female elf, and suddenly remember that she had been created, initially, by that Lord Tesla to mimic the Star Fleet Voyager's Chief Engineer.

Hmmmm, definitely not like my usual Companions. the Doctor says to himself, gratified and somewhat amused, somehow, by this all.

"Good points there," the Time Lord finally says, "It won't be easy and it's a bit against Galifryan custom.....but then again so is what I've been doing with outside cultures."

The others smile at that as the Time Lord heads over to the control column.

"And we'll also go over the more salient points about Daleks and those others you asked about, Inquirer," the Doctor continues, "It would be well indeed to know our possible opponents back in the universe I call home!"

The Doctor then turns fully back to the column....only to be thrown to the ground with the rest of the adventurers as the TARDIS shudders and shakes.

With a final THUD!!

  1. The Doctor quickly gets up and jumps to the column to get a reading of what has just happened.....and blinks in surprise!

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