The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9830

The Doctor didn't answer, but bent down to examine her, his face pale.

The Time Lord then blinks as his knowledge of arcane matters then kicks in.

"But the synergistic effects between full multiple elfshot spells and minor sleep spells is fatal.....not partial strength ones," the Doctor mutters to himself, working out the logic, "The effect would be.....oh dear!"

The woman's eyes snap open, and her irises are wide open as her nervous and autonomic systems rev up into the synergistic effects of the two different spells takes effect and produces a much different than intended effect in the woman. Basically, she's reved and twitchy. And dangerous.

Sue Carter, security guard, screams in delayed response as the memories of the darkly handsome bearded man flash back to her....and she remembers falling into those deep....evil eyes.

Delayed reactions kick in and the woman's hands come up with her service revolver and.....

Inquirer dives and knocks the Doctor sprawling as the guns hammer hits home on the back of the bullet in the chamber. Reflexes cause the guard to fire off three shots before Sigin and the others grab her and yank the gun out of her hands!

Sue's eye's, already wide, grow wider as it dawns on her what she's done as she sees the still form of Inquirer lay before her!

"noooOOOOOO!" she screams in anguish! She'd only taken the gun safety course recently and finally finished the last of the paperwork needed to be promoted from unarmed to armed security....and had figure that this job site was cake. She'd never have to worry about making those freaking shoot/don't shoot decisions....never have to worry about accidently shooting someone. That's why she'd taken the courses in the first place, to be sure....


"OhmygodIdidn'tmeantodoitIdidn't!" She screams out, only to stop in shocked surprise as Inquirer gets up and then glare at her. A shouted spell causes the guard's racing heart and mind to go back down to normal levels.

The guard still stares at Inquirer, noticing the distinctive mark in the AI's forehead that denotes where the .38 bullet is still lodged....right next to the glowing gem.

"What....." Sue whispers, flaberghasted.

"Doc, you alright?" Inquirer asks as the Time Lord picks himself off the ground, bruised but alive.

"Yes, thank you," The Doctor says, looking over at Inquirer in gratitude...then pausing as he sees the bullet.

"Dear, hold still," the Doctor says calmly as he reaches up and pull the bullet out....and then pauses again as Inquirer's automatic repair systems start to kick in...and the bullet wound begins to close.

"Uh, guys?" Betty says as she sees other mesmerized people start to come out of the buildings.

"Sigin," E'ysha whispers suddenly, having an idea, "Do what you did with us back on the other world....except take on the form of the Master!"

Sigin and the others start at that, and then Sigin chuckles as he turns his back and mutters a spell.

The approaching, hostile crowd pauses in dull surprise as Sigin turns again.....and appears as an almost perfect copy of the Master.

  1. "The outfit looks more like what Anthony Ainley would wear but," Betty mutters to herself as Sigin begins.....

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