A Slight Overcompensation

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9596

At least this time they weren't arriving scattered all over Socorro. As one TARDIS vanished, another materialized smoothy where it had been. "Right," said the Doctor, "this one should go much more smoothly now that we're -- I'm -- better prepared." He stood with his hand on the door control and smiled at the rest of them. "Who's coming with me this time?"

As one person, they all stepped forward, even the recently-wounded Ragan.

"Oh, very well." He grinned. "Though it's not really necessary that we all go." Nobody suddenly volunteered to stay behind, however, and he merely opened the doors and stepped out, his companions following him closely.

They all paused outside the TARDIS for a moment and watched the sun change.

"At least this one's yellow," said Betty. "I hate to think what the change of spectrum from that blue giant will do to the planet life."

"Yeah, that's kind of been bothering me," said Ragan. "Among other things... You do realize that that system will have a much shorter lifetime than Earth's original system, by billions of years? It just doesn't seem right, somehow."

"Well, let's worry about that later, shall we?" said Inquirer. "One thing at a time."

The others nodded, and they all moved forward toward the VLA control room... only to be met by the same hypnotized woman (or at least, this world's analog of the same woman).

Immediately, spells erupted from the Doctor, Inquirer, and Sigin, silmultaneously with a hail of modified elfshot from B'ellana and Elrondir! Needless, to say, the woman fell.

The Doctor looked from the motionless body to the others' faces, his eyes wide.

"My god!" cried Betty. "You haven't killed her have you?"

  1. The Doctor didn't answer, but bent down to examine her, his face pale.

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