The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9595

The antennas of the VLA finally stop moving and are pointing towards a point that converges ten light years away.......and also at a point that is immeasurably distant.

The Doctor mutters as he finishes the last entry into the computer and hits the execute button. For his own edification he'd tried to logic just HOW this signal was supposed to do what it supposedly do.....and though he'd been forced to admit it would do much more than what a mere radio signal SHOULD do......he couldn't figure out exactly HOW it did it (he couldn't follow the math).

That's frightening!

The antennas shoot forth a burst of signals.....and the radio signal is transmuted within feet of the antenna into something that no phsyist has ever even dreamed of before. It burst through the shroud between realms, and back into the original universe this Earth came from. The Doctors and his Companions are given a treat as they see the "heat shimmer" that had been growing at a frightening rate after the Earth had been whisked away........fade and vanish!

"One universe down and three more to save from immenint extermination," the Doctor sighs as he and the others head back to the TARDIS. The Doctor pauses as he hears a moan from one of the technicians and casts a sleep spell to knock the dazed tech asleep.

  1. Next, an Earth that is 500 light years from Terra Prime! To do this all over.... again...... but hopefully with a little less publicity this time....

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5/19/2000 4:26:10 AM

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