Nothing Continues to Happen

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97764

What felt like weeks later, Lady Astra still would not shut up. Astra was losing her patience. The only thing that was allowing her to cling onto her sanity was the hope which Lady Astra had given that before too much longer Lord Fred would show up and free her. And unfortunately Lady Astra as well, I assume, she thought.

"What's that about me being unfortunate?" Lady Astra asked.

Astra realised that she must inadvertantly have spoken out loud. "Er, nothing," she said. In an effort to change the subject, she added:

  1. "How much longer do you think it's likely to be before Lord Fred shows up?"
  2. "Our hair, fingernails and toenails are getting pretty long." Though something odd had happened to their metabolisms, so that they did not need to eat and drink, or even sleep, and they did not pee or defaecate. their hair and nails were still growing.
  3. "We've put on quite a bit of weight." Which was weird, since they weren't eating or drinking anything, but was undeniably true. Perhaps the magic which was nourishing them was slightly miscalibrated?

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