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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97795

"How much longer do you think it's likely to be before Lord Fred shows up?" asked Astra, prompting a thoughtful look from Lady Astra.

"I hadn't thought of that in a while..." she muttered, "but I am sure he will be here soon! Anyway, like I was saying, so this girl was all in my business and I had to lay the gauntleted smack down you know what I mean? Bitches be trippin up in Allaria!"

"What?" said Astra confusedly. "What kind of crazy talk is that? Have you gone mad?"

It was then that the cave went pitch black and they heard evil laughter.

"Noo! No! It's too much!" raved Astra, angrily. "I demand to speak to Minestus!"

  1. Minestus appears with a grin. "And how may I help you ladies?"
  2. The torch re-lights, and Belboz is standing there with a scroll. "Sorry about the laughter thing, but I need your help."
  3. But there is only silence...

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4/20/2012 10:00:55 AM

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