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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97731

Astra had gotten pretty good at tuning Lady Astra out, but suddenly she heard something interesting. "Wait," she said, "did you just say Lord Frederigo D'Honaire?"

Lady Astra scoffed. "What, you weren't listening? I guess I can re-start that story over again...

"No, what about Lord Fred?" insisted Astra. Lady Astra muttered, but answered.

"Fine, whatever. Yes, Lord Frederigo D'Honaire was the other knight who was going to come here, but I won King's Right to be the champion of Allaria, so he is probably cooling his heels in Caemlyn. "

"He wouldn't have gone home?" asked Astra, eagerly.

"Heavens, no, don't you know anything?" said Lady Astra condescendingly. Astra managed to hold her tongue. "If I don't show back up in a month's time, he gets to come be the conquering hero. The jerk. Now all we have to do is wait for him to arrive."

Astra was so happy to hear that, she almost giggled. That would not have been very composed, however, so she just smiled. "Excellent," she said softly, and felt a renewed ability to endure. That was good, because Lady Astra started blabbing on about Caemlyn fashion again. For like the eighth time.

  1. Several days later, Astra saw a flickering torch flame in the distance.
  2. What feels like weeks later, Lady Astra still will not shut up. Astra is losing her patience.
  3. A massive earthquake rocks the caves, freeing both Astra and Lady Astra from their bonds.

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