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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97716

Over the next week, Astra learned what a chatterbox her double was. At least it seemed like a week, but she had no way of keeping track of time. Perhaps it was really an hour, or perhaps it was a month. She tried to tune Lady Astra's babble out as much as she could and rarely replied, but her companion didn't seem to notice.

The spell that Astra supposed that she - and presumably Lady Astra too - must be under meant that she didn't get hungry or thirsty, nor ever need to shit or piss. She would have liked to have slept, to get some relief from Lady Astra's constant prattle, but it seemed that she couldn't even do that. It was strange, she reflected, that two people could be physically so alike and even share the same name, yet have such different temperaments.

  1. Eventually Velus (teenage velus) showed up with a lockpicking set. "Freedom!" exclaimed Lady Astra.
  2. There came a time when the cave went pitch black and they heard evil laughter.
  3. Then Lady Astra surprised the princess by actually saying something interesting.

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