Astra is Beside Herself

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97405

"Avaunt!" yelled Lady Astra, enraged she was now chained up naked next to Princess Astra.

"Oh shut up," said Astra, annoyed. "This is par for the course. And I didn't really appreciate the way you were staring at me."

"Pardon me, milady," replied Lady Astra. "I meant no insult. It is just that you are quite a fine specimen, much like myself as a matter of fact."

Astra sighed. "Well, we now have to wait on another adventurer to come rescue us. Get comfortable."

"Truly an unpleasant thought, hung here naked and shivering for days on end, I don't think I want to deal with this at all." Lady Astra tried her bonds, but they were secure. "Drat! I am not strong enough to break free..."

"Like I said," said Astra, " get comfortable."

  1. Over the next week, Astra learned what a chatterbox her double was.
  2. Not an hour hence, Velus (teenage velus) showed up with a lockpicking set. "Freedom!" exclaimed Lady Astra.
  3. Weeks later, things have settled back into a very familiar pattern...

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