The Hungry Look

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97359

As Lady Astra raised her sword above her head to strike at the first chain, Princess Astra found herself rather worried by the hungry look that had appeared on her face. She hadn't seen that look on a woman's face before, but she had seen it on several men's faces when they first saw her, and it had never been a good sign. Indeed one of them had finished up with a broken nose when he couldn't be deterred from his amorous advances in any way short of violence. (Though Princess Astra had a problem with remembering recent events, recalling more distant ones posed no problem.)

But before Lady Astra could bring down her sword, the cave went pitch dark and evil laughter echoed. "Not again!" Princess Astra said, though she wasn't sure why she had the strong feeling that this had happened before.

When the light returned:

  1. Lady Astra was chained up naked next to Princess Astra.
  2. Lady Astra had vanished.
  3. A third party had arrived on the scene.
  4. Lady Astra was chained up naked facing and in contact with Princess Astra!

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