The Damsel (part the fourth)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97354

Intent as she was on facing the dragon, Lady Astra couldn't help but be totally captivated by the gorgeous young woman she beheld. Tall,athletic,full-breasted... and wearing nothing but the chains that held her to the side of the tunnel. In fact... she was the spitting image of Lady Astra herself. She was no shrinking violet, in the circumstances she made no negative reaction to her gaze over her anatomy...she got straight to the point. "Unchain me,please!Perhaps together we can defeat this Dragon of the Northern Caves...but with his magic powers he has toyed with me!" said Astra, the old words coming easily to her lips. Why did she say that? Why did she fall back into the old pattern so easily? She shook her head to clear it.

"Er...he's the dragon of the Southern Caves."

"Not by the maps of Aqualaria. Damn, there I go again! Look, you are me. I mean, you look like me. Just cut me free!"

Lady Astra pondered. She should have realized this woman was one of the fabled warrior princesses of her kingdom's southern neighbor,the border being the same mountain range as held the caves. And the dragon certainly had no reason to respect political boundaries. She was the daughter of one of the great dukes of the kingdom,or she wouldn't be Lady Astra, but it would certainly be a fine match if she could become a companion in arms,and in life, of this princess! (Lady Astra favored the ladies, you see, and was quite taken with herself. This one who looked just like her was the best possible scenario, she thought to herself.)

Checking that Velus the dog-teen was out of the way of her stroke,she aimed for the chain holding the Aqualarian princess's left arm to the cave wall...she carefully kept her arm clear so she could strike without hitting her.

  1. She severed the chain with her sword.
  2. She struck the chain,which notched the sword and was not harmed by it.
  3. As she prepared to strike the cave went pitch dark and evil laughter echoed.
  4. "Are you shitting me?!" exclaimed Astra, quite shocking Lady Astra with her foul language. "Again?"

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