Now There Are Two

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 97352

As yet, the person carrying the torch was still too far away for Astra to be able to make out any details. (In that direction, the passage ran for a long way in a straight line, suggesting that perhaps it had been created long ago by magic rather than by the forces of nature.)

I do hope that it's Fred, Astra thought. It really ought to be Fred. Assuming that he wasn't just an hallucination that is.

As the figure drew closer, she saw that it appeared to be herself! Now I'm sure that I'm going crazy, she thought. Like herself, the Other Astra was naked, but she was carrying a sword. Oddly, the distinctive hilt of the weapon was just like the one that Astra remembered or imagined - she couldn't be sure which - Fred's sword as having had.

  1. Other Astra seemed to be surprised to see her.
  2. Other Astra didn't seem to be surprised to see her.
  3. Before Astra had a chance to gauge Other Astra's reaction, the cave went pitch dark and she heard evil laughter.

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