The Never Ending Quest - Episode 94925

"So why don't you choose a topic for us to discuss?" Belboz said. "I can't say fairer than that." But before Astra could reply the cave went pitch dark and they heard evil laughter.

"%&@dammit!" shrieked Astra. "Minestus you unmitigated bastard! It's bad enough that I am chained up with these two.." and the light returned, revealing that Astra was alone. Her head filled up with fog, and recent events drained like water through a.. well.. drain. "No..." she said.. "no more, I beg you..."

Astra wasn't sure whether she had been hallucinating, or if all that strange stuff at the Enterprising Inn and subsequently had really happened. Well, there was no use worrying about that now, she decided. The endless silence was really on her nerves. However she had the strong feeling that Fred - she hoped that she hadn't only hallucinated him - ought to be appearing at any moment to free her.

The worst thing was the boredom, she had decided on that long ago. About fifty yards down the tunnel, a torch attached to the wall gave just enough light to prevent her from being in total darkness. Watching its flickering was the nearest thing to sensory stimulation that she had available.

More silence. She realised that she couldn't tell if it had lasted minutes or hours. Maybe it was days. No, it couldn't be days, she decided, as she didn't feel hungry or thirsty. Unless the dragon had cast a spell on her to prevent her becoming hungry or thirsty?

"Hello!" she called eventually, more to break that oppressive silence than with any expectation of a reply.

  1. As expected, there was no response.
  2. But there was an answering "Hello!" Then she saw a flickering torch flame in the distance, the torch presumably being carried by the person who had answered her hail.
  3. Conflicting memories about being chained up with Belboz and Fred flit at the edge of Astra's memory. Astra realizes she may be losing her mind. She has to escape! But how?

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