Going Up

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9744

The stairs ended in a small stone archway. Fred ducked through and found himself in a windswept courtyard. The sky was dark and grey. It was so dim it was hard to tell if the light from the sky was sun or just a paticularly bright full moon.
The courtyard was twenty feet by thirty feet with forty foot walls. A small ladder led up to a platform that traversed the entirety of the wallspace. To the left were thick oak doors twenty feet high. To the right was the side of a seventy foot high cliff, with more thick doors. Both sets were scarred and pitted and had a few arrows stuck in them. But the ones leading into the mountain were open!. Just a crack though.

  1. Fred enters the open doors.
  2. Fred climbs the ladder to see what he could see.
  3. Fred goes back down the stairs.
  4. A trapdoor in the courtyard opens and a human comes out.
  5. Same as number 4 but a monster comes out.
  6. Fred finds the Spear Of Destiny.
  7. Fred finds a tiny baby duck. It quacks loudly.

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