The Truth Will Set You Free?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 951

"In you go, little dude", said Fred, pushing Velus through. "See anything interesting in there?"
He got an answer, but instead of "yes/no" barks, he heard a very HUMAN voice yell back, "Get me out of here, Lord Fred! Please!!"
Fred did not take even a moment to think. He simply LUNGED forward into the door--
--and it opened!
Why didn't I think of that before? wondered Fred, dusting himself off as he looked around the room.
He noticed three things that completely shocked him:
1. Velus, the dog, was gone. In his place was a tall, lanky, red-headed farmboy of about 16 years old--Velus's real form! And he was tied down to a long table, struggling desperately.
2. There was a witch in the room, who seemed to be about to do some nasty experiment on Velus-the-farmboy.
3. Fred was no longer Fred! In his place was a woman who looked just like Fred only female. (NOTE: This is NOT going to be one of those disgusting "Scott-gets-turned-into-a-woman" things!) There was now a 5'10, fairly attractive woman in her 30s with straight, shoulder-length brown hair and an ordinary figure, still wearing Fred's armour and clothes.
Of course! thought Fred. I'm actually Fredwynna, the King's daughter! It's all coming back to me now! The King was so embarrassed over having a daughter that wasn't married by age 25 that he hired a wizard to turn me into a guy, wipe my original memories, and send me off on a quest that didn't exist! There IS no Princess to rescue; I AM the Princess!
"So, I see you fell afoul of my Magic Door, too, eh?" cackled the witch. "It turns anything that steps through into its natural, real form. Now that I have two people, I can cast my evil spell and take over the world!! BWAHAHAA!!!"

  1. Fredwynna rushes at the witch with her sword.
  2. Fredwynna tries to talk her way out of it.
  3. Fredwynna attempts to grab Velus and dash back out the door before the witch has a chance to do anything.

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