Death Of The Witch

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 955

Of course, Fredwynna was still a trained knight, even though she was female. She lunged at the witch and lopped her head off with a mighty blow.

Quickly she unsheathed Velus and dragged him out of the room.

"You're a girl?" Velus said, then coughed up some doggy hairs.
"Yeah, I am. Don't try anything or I'll break a random limb. Now get moving."
True to form the witch's room evaporated into dust.
"Now why did you lead me to the witch, Velus?" asked Fredwynna.
"It was supposed to be the dragon. I swear! I don't know what happened!"
Fredwynna believed him. He was too sincere.

What do the two drastically changed heroes do now?

  1. Explore the caves to make double/triple sure no more evil was going on.
  2. Leave the caves and go home to yell at Daddy.
  3. Play poker.

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