The Never Ending Quest - Episode 93

Frederigo shook the filthy old man awake. The dirty prisoner awoke with a start, and started swinging his arms wildly in the air, trying to fend off either Fred, or a swarm of angry Monkey Flies.

The stinking captive started to cry, then yell, then fell silent, and looked grimly around the cell.

  1. Suddenly the filthy man sprange to his feet and started beating the door of the cell with his fists.
  2. The dirty prisoner moved a stone in the wall and quickly scurried on hands and knees down a dark tunnel.
  3. The old prisoner looked at Fred, and in a remarkably sane voice, said: 'I am the walrus'
  4. Fred hopped up and started looking for a way out...
  5. Fred was attacked by the same invisible Monkey Flies that were getting the old guy...
  6. The old man is a little more than asleep.
  7. Sliming the flies
  8. The guy turns to Fred and says "Hey, thanks for waking me up! Help me bust out of here, could you?"
  9. The guy has a heart attack
  10. Frederigo examines the Monkey Flies for his large fries.

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Malcolm Viziere

3/9/1999 11:59:56 AM

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