The Monkey Flies Attack Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1023

Fred spotted something on the tip of his aristocratic nose. There was a small creature perched there, about the size of a fly. But it was humanoid. It had fur...a monkey's face and wings!

It beat it's chest and bit Fred's nose!

Fred yelped and flicked the thing off with his left fingers. Fred saw it impact a wall and fall.

There was a loud buzzing. Fred looked up and to the left. Out of a crack came dozens more of those monkey flies! They descended on the old man and Fred, biting madly. Fred smooshed as many as he can...

(Ed. Note: I guess the monkey flies' invisibillity spell wore off)

  1. ...and soon killed them all. The old man defeated his swarm.
  2. ...Fred killed them but the old man had died.
  3. ...Fred perished from his injuries.

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7/27/2000 7:41:10 AM

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