Turkish Enlightenment

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 92286

"It's a sweet," the witch replied.

"A sweet what?"

"Not a sweet something, just a sweet. Don't you have that expression in you language?"

"Sorry, I got distracted. What kind of sweet?"

Sidaj seemed less certain. "Well... it's from Turkey."

"Made from bird meat? I would think that makes it more salty."

"No, no!" Sidaj shook her head. "Not the bird, the country. And it's... delightful."

"I could have guessed that from the name," Astra pointed out. "What's it made from?"

Sidaj hesitated. "I'm not sure really. I just conjure it up."

"I see." Astra nodded. "Do you make a habit of offering strangers magical food of unknown origin? What if they are allergic?"

Sidaj looked confused. "What's allergic?"

"It's getting a bad reaction to food or animals or other things. Makes you sneeze or itch, or break out in hives. Or die horribly."

"I see," Sidaj observed pensively. "That would beat turning people into stone, wouldn't it?"


"Never mind. Do you want the Turkish Delight or not?"

"No thanks, I try to avoid sweets when I'm adventuring. Gets me all hyped up and impairs my judgement."

Sidaj sighed. "You could have said that at once!"

Astra shrugged. "Maybe, but...

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