Who's There?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 92342

Astra pointed over Sidaj's shoulder.

"You don't fool me with that old trick," the White Witch said. "I'm supposed to turn to look, and then you make a run for it. But there's nobody in Ainran that I need fear; even Nalsa is afraid to confront me, as you've just discovered. So do I gather from your attempt to distract me that you are rejecting my offer of a job? I should warn you that I've been known to throw a bit of a temper tantrum in such circumstances."

  1. "Let's not be hasty. Just what would this job involve?"
  2. "Yes, I'm rejecting your job offer. What are you going to do about it?"
  3. At that moment the young warrior who had been sneaking up behind Sidaj came within arm's length, and neatly lopped off her head with his sword. "You just can't help some people," Astra remarked.

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