Meeting Sidaj

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 92270

"I'm not strong enough to confront Sidaj right now," Nalsa said. "Good luck!" And with that he loped away into the woods, leaving Astra deeply unimpressed.

"So in spite of that coat of fur you are a daughter of Eve," Sidaj said as she approached. She was a tall and strikingly beautiful blonde, very pale-skinned and dressed all in white.

"I'm a human being rather than another talking lion, if that's what you mean. My name's Astra. Odd! I very nearly said Artsa. I can't see that the fur is much of a disguise. I liked my hair better when it was red, and mostly confined to my scalp, though I must admit that I'm a lot warmer now. Or at least I was until you entered the clearing, when it suddenly seemed to get colder."

"As you've probably gathered, I am Sidaj. Nalsa has no doubt told you bad things about me, but as you've just discovered he has a tendency to leave his followers in the lurch. Why not join me instead? I could remove that annoying fur for you and provide you with clothes. And if you happen to have a sweet tooth, you can have all the Turkish delight that you can eat."

  1. "You have a deal. I have a fair amount of military experience."
  2. Astra could sense that this woman was evil through and through. "Sorry, no deal."
  3. "And if I refuse to join you? What you said first, about shedding light, sounded a bit as if you might not have my best interests at heart."
  4. "What's Turkish delight?"

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