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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72877

Suddenly Astra felt warm and fluffy. She looked down. "Gee, thanks for the fur coat," she said. "Wait a minute...!" It wasn't a coat. It was real fur growing out of her skin! Yellow fur...

"Lion fur," Nalsa explained. "The best there is."

An unpleasant thought struck the princess. "Hang one! You're not turning me into a lioness, are you?"

"Just giving you fur," the lion answered. "But there is no need to fear the consequences of being a lioness around me. I'm... not into that sort of thing."

She stared at him. "You're GAY?!"

"I'm a god!" he growled.

She scratched her furry brow thoughtfully. "Gods don't boink?" He shook his head. "Not even a little? I mean, to kickstart life as we know it or something?"

"I already told you I created the world from a mean guitar riff, right?"

Astra decided not to inquire further about how a four-legged lion without thumbs could play the guitar. After an awkward silence he continued:

"And you have nothing to fear from other lions. You see, you have my fur. Other lions will see your mane and think you are a stunted male."

Astra bristled. "Who are you calling stunted?"

"Anyone without a lion's body actually. Besides it's good camouflage. No enemy who glimpses you will realize that you're a daughter of Eve."

"And what if they did, what would be so bad about that?"

"Allow me to shed some light on that matter," a voice said. They looked around and saw a sinister figure stride into the clearing.

  1. It was Sidaj the witch.
  2. It was Mirguam the wolf.
  3. It way Yrogid's uncle Werdna.
  4. It was a boy called Ecatsue, and he almost deserved it.
  5. It was Mr. Siwel.
  6. It was Hsoj Knabrub.

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