"Beast who can talk" read the sign

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72852

"Well isn't that great," Astra sighed.

"Indeed it is," replied the lion. "But that sounded like sarcasm. Is there a problem?"

"Just that I'm supposed to overthrow an evil witch in my birthday suit," Astra pointed out.

Nalsa shrugged. Astra wasn't quite sure how a four legged animal could do that, but he was a god after all. "Look at me", he said and struck an epic pose.

Astra quickly scanned his unclothed flanks. "Oh," she said and blushed. "Say, do you have a..."

"I am a god," he reminded her.

"Sorry. But anyway, the situation is a bit more... awkward for a wo... a daughter of Eve?" She couldn't recall anything about Crom (see chapter 72260) creating Eve, but when in Rome...

"I understand," said the lion in an understanding tone. "While I may not be able to provide clothing at the moment, I can do this."

He turned his head and breathed at Astra. She felt a chill going down her spine. It was kind of a warm chill, but the paradox did not bother her so much as the fact that she seemed to be growing

  1. fur
  2. feathers
  3. scales
  4. chainmail
  5. aluminium siding
  6. spandex
  7. an attitude
  8. smaller
  9. larger
  10. impatient

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