Astra wants Clothes

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72464

"I don't know what you mean," Nalsa said a little huffily.

"Forget it. If that's a castle, perhaps I can get myself some clothes there."

"I'm afraid not. As you've noticed, it's in ruins and therefore uninhabited. As you said, it's the past and future castle of Levarap Riac. It's just not a current castle."

"Well perhaps as a favour, seeing as how you're a god and are presumably responsible for my being here, you could conjure up some clothes for me."

  1. "Oh, all right."
  2. "Not after you were so disrespectful to me."
  3. "Sorry, but I never demean myself by carrying out cheap conjuring tricks of that sort."
  4. "You'll have to earn them first."
  5. "The malign influence of Sidaj is preventing me from performing any miracles at present. It was all that I could manage to bring you here to overthrow her."

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