The Noil, the Hctiw and the Ebordraw

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72260

Astra ran a finger along the lion's flank and licked it.

"What are you doing?!" Nalsa sputtered.

"Tasting you," Astra explained. "You sound like a sauce."

"That's salsa!"

"Same difference," Astra muttered as she started nibbling on the lion's ear.

"Have some respect for your god!" he blurted.

"I beg your pardon!" Asta replied. At least she had stopped nibbling. "My god is Crom, and I don't recall anything about him manifesting in the form of a lion. I am sure I would have remembered that."

"I see," said the lion. "Excuse me." He turned away from Astra, took a deep breath and roared with a voice like thunder: "CROM! PAGING CROM! PLEASE MANIFEST!"

After waiting politely for Astra's ears to stop ringing, he concluded: "Nope. No Crom here. This is my world, where I reign supreme."

"Your world?" Astra asked curiously, her voice finally getting a little of that awed tone Nalsa had been listening for.

"Indeed it is," Nalsa replied proudly. "As a matter of fact I created it from a mean guitar riff a couple of eons ago."

"Oh!" said Astra as she looked around and spied some regular stone formations some distance away. "Well, if you are Nalsa and this is Ainran, I suppose those ruins yonder are the past and future castle of Levarap Riac?"

"Indeed it is," the lion purred. "So you have heard of us! No doubt from some Son of Mada who was here once."

  1. "Why yes I have, I just had some trouble remembering it. It was so long ago."
  2. "Not at all, I just made a wild guess. Heathen gods are so gullible! Oops, did I say that out loud?"
  3. "No, but i am familiar with the original tale and assume this is a parody."
  4. "Hey look, is that a demonic duck of some sort?"

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