An Exploration

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 915

Lord Fred stood on the bow of his wrecked boat. What a terrible, terrible situation. He had been sent out to explore a newly discovered island for the king but him and his men had been attacked by a ...thing..., the boat wrecked, the supplies scattered to the bottom of the ocean and the king's mistress had vanished!
Lord Fred hoped she hadn't died like the others. In fact, Lord Fred wondered why he hadn't died like the others.

  1. Lord Fred gathers up supplies and quests forth to find the king's lover.
  2. Lord Fred ponders why he didn't die like the others.
  3. Lord Fred is attacked by an invisible creature.
  4. Lord Fred discovers a dimensional hole.
  5. Lord Fred finds the misstress. She is dead. Now...what to do?
  6. Lord Fred barely escapes with his life as the beach turns to quicksand.
  7. Lord Fred finds a naked lady and a dog chained to a rock.

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