Door No More

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 90641

Scott sighed as he touched the handle of the all-too-familiar Silver Door. He knew what would be awaiting him when he went inside: a large round room, Transversal Shock, his annoying ex- boyfriend Bruce, lots of pretentious philosophizing, the purple toaster-headed gorilla... Well that last part wasn't so bad. But still, if he never had to go through the door again it would be too soon.

Then he had an epiphany. He didn't have to actually open that stupid Door! Scott leaped up and did a little dance. He punched and kicked the door, screaming "Die Door! Die! Die! Die!" Eventually he realized that the door couldn't die, not being alive in the first place, so instead he picked up a spray-paint can lying around and graffitied penises all over the Door. He then fell on the floor and laughed for ten minutes straight.

When he got up he suddenly found himself filled with a sense of freedom. Not opening that Door meant that he was no longer a pawn in an endless game. He was his own man. He didn't have to wander around pointlessly for the rest of his life. He needed a new purpose. But what would it be?

  1. True love!
  2. Revenge!
  3. World conquest!
  4. Vandalizing every dimensional nexus in the multiverse!
  5. He has no idea. He sighs with resignation and opens the Door again.

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