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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71980

With an unpleasant sense of deja vu, Scott opened the Silver Door and found himself in a great round room. In an instant, Transversal Shock set in. Or maybe it was a hangover. Yes, he thought as he threw up in the nearest potted plant, probably it was a hangover.

Once Scott had finished puking, he gazed around the enormous chamber. The room was full of people, animals, creatures, and things. At the center of the room was a shining, curious puddle of light. The more he examined it the more familiar it seemed and the less he liked it, though there were a few faces here who didn't seem quite so familiar. Scott had the feeling that soon a young Asian man would walk forward and announce himself.

Suddenly, a young Asian man walked forward and announced himself. He had been chatting with a man who appeared to be the very image of James Bond, Ian Flemings fictional character. The handsome athletic man said "Scott! I am glad you are finally here! Now listen, Scott, what I have to say is very important--"

"Let me guess," interrupted Scott, "your name is Bruce, I may or may not already know you depending on WHICH Scott I actually am, this room is some kind of reality nexus, blah blah blah web of causality, blah blah blah causal bottleneck. I get it already. And isn't this supposed to be episode 432, not episode 71980?"

Bruce gasped. "But--but--how did you--this has never happened before!!!!!" (Yes he was surprised enough for five exclamation points.)

"Yeah, whatever," said Scott. What does he do now?

  1. Talk to some of the assembled characters.
  2. Enter the Puddle of Light.
  3. Urinate in the puddle of Light.

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