Nothing At All To Do With Lao Tsu

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71990

Scott ceremonially unzipped his pants, liberating his throbbing manhood from the cramped confines of it's denim prison. To the horror of all those gathered in the Inter-dimensional rest area/loser hang-out, an arc of golden liquid gushed forth from his un-circumcised member and into the sacred puddle of light.

An elderly Chinese man feebly protested.

Scott did the unthinkable then, and turned his ‘guns’ on the oriental sage. “Don’t think that I don’t remember you, Sydney Alexis Reginald Dendthotter VonKlapstradt P. Smedthelhopper Wu!” he howled in wild abandon as he flung his penis about from side to side. “Oh yes! I remember! I asked you a simple God damn question! Episode 444 – ‘What does the P. In your name stand for’! All it called for was a simple answer, but you gave me that ancient Chinese secret bullshit! You had yourself a good laugh after that! Must have taken you an eon at least to come up with that gem! Well guess what, pal! I’ll tell ya what it stands for! THIS!”

“Your destiny is controlled by forces outside your control” Wu cried in utter futility as he fought against the relentless river of urine with out thrust hands. It did little to stymy the flow. “You can’t be held responsible for your actions!”

Bruce shrugged. “You kinda had that one coming,” he said in a coarse whisper. “But uh...ya. This is sure to have dire consequences, Scott. You see, the reality of the light is that whatever you are thinking as you pass through the puddle becomes the reality into which you pass. Which is in this case, urine. Or something. Quantum physics. And stuff.”

“You know what Bruce,” Scott raged on, “I think you can share in some of this action. Ya. Ya, I think that’s a good idea. Definitely. Definitely a good idea. Ya.” And he turned the vile stream of bodily fluids toward the meddlesome jerk with those roguish good looks and charm that could tame a cobra.

“NOOOOOO!!” Bruce cried in anguish.

  1. Scott finished him off. Whatever THAT means.
  2. Another hapless victim finds themself on the business end of Scott's plump sausage.

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