The Coming of the Anti-Scott, or, no P in our Uddle of Light

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71993

Bruce gurgled helplessly and fell down on the floor. "Woohoo!" says Scott, "I win again! Now who would like a taste of the Scottmeister?"

"The Scottmeister?" said everyone in the room in simultaneous disgust.

Scott was about to assault someone else with his mighty member when he realized that he hadn't had a drink in hours, and after voiding himself so thoroughly he desperately needed one. So he ran over and drank from the nearest source of liquid. Which was the Puddle of Light. Which he had just urinated in. Not always a very thoughtful one, our Scott.

Everyone in the room gasped. "Do you have any idea what you've just done?" said Ayumi.

"Ayumi! Baby! How about we skip all the metaphysical bullshit this time and just go straight to the sweet, sweet lovin'?"

"You've merged with a dimensional nexus, a nexus you've already infected with your worst impulses, at a time when the universe is already unstable due to your death!"

"But wait, I die all the time! Why was that time different?"

"Because, er, it was an , um, multiversal harmonic convergence!"

"You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?"

"That's not the point!" The usuall peaceful Ayumi waved her arms around frantically. "The point is, you've just done something that will destabilize the very balance of the universe and--"

And at that moment Scott threw up. The oddly silvery vomit began to glow with a brighter and brighter light, and the light in the rest of the Silver Door room began to grow darker. The vomit shifted into the shape of a man the size and proportions of Scott. Then, there was a flash of light which made the room look like a photo negative. And then there was a man standing where the vomit had been, who looked just like Scott except that the mole on Scott's left cheek was on his right.

"You've created a being who's your conceptual opposite!" said Ayumi. "The Anti-Scott!"

  1. The Anti-Scott is competent and in control of the situation. He uses his chaos-creating powers to take over the multiverse.
  2. The Anti-Scott is actually a nice, thoughtful, considerate guy and everyone likes him better than the real Scott.

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