In A Room Full Of Jerks, Freedom Is A Sweet Trolley

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 71999

“Anti-Scott, you’re the best!” said a random character from among the mob of admirers surrounding the popular newcomer. Indeed, Anti-Scott had become a real hit with both author and character alike in that infamous Reality Nexus behind the silver door. He was everything Scott wasn’t and wasn’t everything he was, which pretty much made him a swell fellow. He was the life of the Multiversal Party! At the behest of Ayumi, everyone drank a toast to their new hero and then burst into spontaneous melody – a bawdy tavern song extolling the Anti-Scott and his countless virtues.

Scott, meanwhile, was sulking by his lonesome over by the sweet trolley. He washed down his stale bear claw with a scalding hot cup of burnt coffee, then tossed aside the Styrofoam cup with that trademark recklessness that earned him the ire of so many.

“I know how you feel,” someone remarked, startling him. He craned his neck around and Lo! There was...Josh. Dammit. Just...dammit. “You gotta admit, Anti-Scott is a neat person, though. Handsome, too!”

“Can it, Josh,” Scott grumbled. “I’m really not in the mood.”

“Hey, well at least we’re getting out some, huh?” Josh, ever the optimist, threw in. “I mean, this is better than that Staircase Room, right?”

Scott did not deign to comment.

“Well I’m gonna go hit on some chicks,” Josh declared. “You take care of yourself, now. Don’t get into too many wacky addventures without me, huh!? Hahaha! No, seriously. I have abandonment issues and um, don’t go anywhere...without me. Okay? Ah, who am I kidding!? You wouldn’t leave me! Would you? No. No, you wouldn’t leave me...” and his words trailed off into oblivion as he meandered his way toward the nearest crop of Asian hotties.

Meanwhile, the sea of well wishers surrounding that jerk, the Anti-Scott, erupted in laughter as he told another one of his G-rated, family-friendly anecdotes at the expense of no one. What a creep! Then, to Scott’s horror, Anti-Scott made eye contact with him...and then waved him over!

Great! thought Scott. Just pretend like you didn’t see him!

“Hey! Hey, Scott! Come on over, buddy! Join the party! Don’t be a desperado! Come on, guy!” Anti-Scott’s friendly though strangely grating voice rose above all the other commotions of the party. Scott cringed.

  1. In the end, however, Anti-Scott's charm was just too irresistable. He joined the others.
  2. In the end, he finally realized the truth. Loneliness WASN'T all fact, it was SPLENDID!

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