Fred the unwise

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88896

"Ah," said the Dragon. "Feeling brave today, are we? Brave yet foolish."

"Uh..." began Fred, fumbling for words, "not particularly. I mean, I don't think I am, unless you were referring to yourself and Astra, you two do look 'brave yet foolish'."

"You dare call me foolish?"

There was a pause. Astra looked from the looming dragon to Fred, and remembered she was supposed to try to be nice. She should support Fred, but what could she do? She was still chained.

"Yes," said Fred, resolutely.

"And you don't think that's foolish?"

"No," said Fred. And, apparently after deciding he should stick to his guns, added, "No, I do not!"

The dragon was getting visibly angry. What would he do to them? Was Fred's use of Astra as a human shield really such a good idea? Or did Fred have something in mind if the dragon did decide to fire at them? Should Astra intervene now?

  1. The dragon opened his mouth to say something.
  2. The dragon took a deep breath, and spewed out an enormous fireball!
  3. Then Fred spoke again.
  4. "Enough!" yelled Astra. "Enough of this petty squabbling!"

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