Enter the Dragon

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88884

"The wall's the only thing that's right behind me," Astra quibbled, but she did turn her head to look right rather than to her left, where Fred was standing. "Ah," she said. "Yes, there he is. Better ready your sword. Good luck!"

Fred drew his sword. Astra noticed that his hand was shaking. She could hardly blame him, though. The dragon was a fearsome sight as it approached.

Then Fred surprised her by moving until he was standing right next to her. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Presumably you are of some value to the dragon, since he captured you rather than killing you. So if I stand very close to you, perhaps he won't breathe fire at me, to avoid harming you."

"Why don't you hug me to make doubly sure?" Astra said sarcastically, forgetting for the moment her resolution to be nice to Fred. "Possibly putting me at extra risk is not exactly gallant of you."

"You made a point of telling me that you are a warrior princess. After that, you can hardly turn round and claim to be some weak damsel that I ought to be protecting."

Astra supposed that he did have a point.

The dragon stopped when it was about ten feet away from them. At least, its snout was ten feet away; the tip of its tail was over thirty feet away. "Hello, Astra," it said, in a deep, rumbling voice. "Who's your friend?"

"May I introduce Lord Fred from Allaria. He's here to slay you."

  1. "That's right," Fred said bravely.
  2. "Not necessarily," Fred said. "I'm sure that we could come to some arrangement."

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