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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88888

Astra never heard Agra call to her to support her argument downstairs. Right after Agra commanded the Queen and Lord Dred to not kill the fox that had been brought along, Astra quickly turned around and quietly hustled up the stairs.

Now regretting her decision to be sent back in time to her childhood days, Astra swiftly looks around for a new place to hide. At this point, anything would do.

Where does Astra end up hiding?

  1. An unused basement.
  2. A secret passage found at the end of a corridor.
  3. The nearest room with an open window. Astra carefully climbs outside and makes her escape.
  4. The bright glowing room at the end of another hallway...?
  5. Suddenly, reality fades away. Astra closes her eyes, and opens them again to find...

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Ben McClellan

1/5/2015 6:56:01 PM

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